Jul 2013 04
Ultimate Chaos have been providing comedy for many years and from time to time we have some new characters to add to our catalogue of comedy Its a little early to show all of it but it’s nearly ready for its showing to the world…wheel police flyer
May 2013 11
It was a big day for head security man,  Norman Bush and his right hand man Allan Pocket, not only was it a drive into the centre of London, it was a posh venue and to add a little more it was Full of VIP’s and when I mean VIP’s we mean VIP’s…. Our first VIP was TV man Jeff Salmon he’s on Channel 4’s Four Rooms, he deals with old things (I’m talking older than Noel Edmonds) that’s really old, like chairs and stuff, any way it was his birthday he was 40 or something, we weren’t sure… any way we the Comedy Security Guards and Comedy Waiters, booked by Jeff for his party, so it’s time for Norman and Allan to do there stuff, well Allan was doing Normans head in with his new hobby… four hours into his new hobby of bird watching and Norman was ready to throw him out over the top floor of our venue… Comedy Waiters and Comedy Security Guards at the Club at the IVY London The IVY, The Club at The IVY is apparently  it’s quite posh, (Norman always says that you can tell how posh a venue is by the state of the bog!)  This was  a posh place…. the loo’s where lovely, as was the rest of the venue…. we even saw Michael from EastEnders playing the piano in the Piano Room… Its OK, we got a photo of us with Michael…  There where many laughs and unsure looks as Jeff’s guests arrived for the party, with a few bird facts thrown in from Allan and some unusual radio messages from Norman and just generally causing confusion it was time to change for a spot of serving food with the Comedy Waiters! posh food as well at this place, we where happy to say that we left the audience with big smiles and laughs all round Another brilliant night of comedy Entertainment for birthday parties from the Comedy Waiters and Comedy Security Guards from Ultimate Chaos
Feb 2013 09
The Dome Worthing, the Venue for Honors 40th Birthday Party

The Dome Worthing, the Venue for Honors 40th Birthday Party

The venue was The Dome in Worthing, Wow what a place… the function room was up a few stairs and The Dome backs on to a 100 year old cinema…  Norman and Steve where the Comedy Security Guards where the first thing that the 40+ guests would see on the way to Honors surprise 40th Birthday party… It was a posh event and the theme of the night was horror, so there was lots of nasty looking cuts on people and blood every where, knowing that Norman Bush first aid trained this was giving him a nightmare…. all Norman wants to do is help! Steveo Jones had to tell Norman  that it was all fake and to stop panicking…. A little later after all the guest had arrived and promptly been seen too by the comedy security guards it was time for some posh food! (you know it when it’s posh food because the portion sizes are tiny and you have to have loads of em) but that was OK, because the food was served by the very capable Comedy Waiters (Aussie waiters Dave and Daryl)  serving off trays the walking around the room the waiters where able to serve the food to all the guests, even if it meant some extra services like a quick foot rub for a lady who had a knife in her head (costume of course)…. all in all it was a very entertaining night, another top job from the comedy waiters and comedy security duo Ultimate Chaos. Check out The Domes website and Like The Domes Facebook Page
Oct 2012 14
Norman and I (Steve Jones) were back in business at the 18th birthday meal for Sap in Osterley, Middlesex. It was being held at a very nice restaurant called Tiger Lily. A beautiful name and reminds me of a dog I once bet on at the races. Anyhoo that’s for another day (it finished 5th at Sunderland, I ended up buying it, it was my beloved friend for 3 years until Norm reversed over her and killed her outright with a Vauxhall Corsa he had on trial, that he brought round to show me while at my Mum’s house. For your information he never purchased the motor as he said he found the switches too fussy!). There were roughly 50 of the birthday girls friends and family there and therefore A1 Security Services had to yet again ensure that no riff raff gained entry. Private party, posh restaurant it would have been chaos if we hadn’t been there! Once we thought everyone had arrived we sloped off for a soft drink and some Hula Hoops. I’m more of a Skip man but they usually bring Norm out in a rash if there’s a stiff breeze. Maybe we should have hung back because upstairs we could hear a great commotion, so we decided to check out what was going on. We could see two comedy waiters working the room and causing a proper talking point and laugh out loud moments. The guests were even having their pictures taken with them, which was odd.
Sep 2012 15
It was a very busy day for the Ultimate Chaos Comedy Teams this weekend! Steveo Jones and young Leslie Driver where looking after a Party in Somerset! And Myself (Norman Bush – Head Security Man) and newbe Terry Spooner traveled to Essex for the wedding party of Jim and Carol… wow what a day… new recruits can be a hand full, but as many people know I have a very short fuse when it come to professionalityness in the work place… For a few short moments I did feel sorry for Terry as he got slowly more flustered with his work load in the car park, all he had to do was check peoples names off the list as they arrived… having told him  time and time again to him that people can shorten names but there are still the same person, just wasn’t sinking in…. god only knows how he managed 140 guests that day…. Robert and Rob are the same people it’s just that he’s shortened his name…. Rob (or Robert) just couldn’t believe what was going on… he was a little late arriving as well… and I had already giving him a talking down for being late before he got to Terry…. There was added confusion for Terry as Jim the Groom had booked a Del Boy lookalike (Steve Rooney) to help with the rings! Next on the list was the food, the comedy waiters helped with there service of the wedding breakfast… there was lots of photos been taken of the two very funny waiters!