Hi Ultimate Chaos

I can't tell you how great you two were last night.
The feedback from the guests and the hotel has been fantastic.
You were such an amiable pair and clearly expert at what you do.
The night was a huge success and would not have hit all the right notes without you.
Thanks to you both and I will pass your name around to anyone that would appreciate your shocking sense of humour.

Kind regards .


Johns 60th Birthday Bash

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the boys that entertained us all on Friday; I speak for everyone when I say that they were so funny, witty and hilarious. In a professional capacity they were friendly, accommodating and great all round guys.

So many people believed them as security guards and waiters. I told people that we needed to have security as we were so close to the airport and it was one of the conditions for hiring out the venue ( I suggested to one of the guards that hand stamping should be introduced for people going out and coming back in, with weird stamps????)!!!! People also asked if the waiters were for ‘real’ I explained that the venue manager struggled to get cover on the night!!! The most asked question of the evening was ‘Why is the waiter called Naomi and why does it say Holiday Inn on his badge?’ Just brilliant.

All in all there was a good time had by all.

Keep up the great work...

Talisman New Year Party at The Flowerpot

Dear Guys,

Thank you so much for your excellent job roles as security guards and waiters. Everyone really thought it was hilarious and a totally different experience. It really kicked off the party and made it a success. My husband really enjoyed all these & figured out everything quicker than I thought!
I didn't realise you had gone as I wanted to thank you both personally.

Thanks once again.


Private 40th Birthday Party

Hello Ultimate Chaos !

Just wanted to thank you for a great performance Saturday night
You fooled everyone with the security guards, one of my friends was convinced that P Diddy was coming! and the Hotel staff were in awe of the waiters and feel that your style of waiting is definitely one that they should consider following.
I'm sorry that I didn't announce myself to you or that I had any time to speak with you during the evening. I hope that you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did, I know that you helped to make our party a huge success and one that will be talked about for a long while yet.

Thanks again


40th Birthday Surprise - Weston Super-Mare

Hi Ultimate Chaos,
We're now back from our honeymoon and back at work (oh joy!), so we thought it only right to drop you a quick line!

We had an amazing day and your contribution to it was absolutely fantastic! We only got to see a bit of the security bit, but having an 80 year old auntie asked if she was carrying guns or knives was brilliant. We immensely enjoyed the comedy waiters - removing about 10 used bowls of soup and putting the dirty cutlery in a pocket brought tears to our eyes, especially as it took so many people a good while to work out what was going on!

There was constant laughter at the dinner tables at your antics and much talk about it the following day, which went a long way towards making what a good number of people said was the best wedding they had ever been to.

Thank you once again - brilliant!

Best Wishes,

Brian & Lisa Hill

Brian & Lisa Hill - Wedding
Wedding entertainment

Tony Gardner Dear Ultimate Chaos,

Thank you for your entertainment at the Wedding Reception in Rode on Saturday.

The security guards were spot on - everyone, myself included, fell for it totally. The sight of my Uncle having to enter his daughter's Wedding Reception carrying his sporran over his head will remain with me for a long time.

The Waiters were sublime - we have never enjoyed a Wedding Breakfast more.

It was all perfectly pitched, beautifully played and very, very funny. The fact that some guests took longer than others to get the joke just heightened the comic effect.

Even the kid's table didn't escape. When the shocked little girl walked up to her parents carrying the glass of "red wine" that the waiter had poured her - well, it doesn't get much better than that, guys.

Top work - we are hoping to ask you to an event ourselves very soon.

All the best, Tony Gardner

Tony Gardner
Wedding Reception in Rode

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the entertainment provided at last weeks Business Exhibition! You went down an absolute treat and the comments back have been fantastic!

Please please say you'll come again next year?

Thanks once again you were great x

Kindest Regards

Regan Bailey, Business Development Manager

St Mellion Hotel, Golf & Country Club

Regan Bailey
St Mellion Hotel, Golf & Country Club

Dear Dan and Adrian,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for your performances at our event on Saturday.

The feedback I have had has all been very positive you really made everyone laugh! We even had quite a few people who thought the security side was real. That obviously didn’t include Steve Peckham who by my request was picked on quite badly – thank you again for that!
You really made my evening I couldn’t stop laughing watching you serve dinner and clearing the plates.

Thank you again!
Kind Regards
Sarah Kershaw
Office Manager,MITIE Engineering Services (Peninsula) Ltd

Sarah Kershaw
MITIE Engineering Services (Peninsula) Ltd

Hi Chaos,

I’d like to that you for such a wonderful performance on Saturday night. Those that got the joke thought it was hilarious and those that didn’t get it…well some of them are still in the dark more than 48 hours later! Birthday boy Chris & I get new laughs every day as more & more of our friends relate back to us their encounters with the OTT security guys and wacky waiters – fantastic. My only regret is that we didn’t have some of it on camera to watch again – but I guess there is a limit to how much one should embarrass people!

Thanks so much for your creativity and imagination – you’re a great team.

I hope you had fun doing it too, All the best, Sue

Chris's Birthday

Dear Ultimate Chaos.
We just wanted to drop you a quick line before we go away to say a huge thank you for being the best security and worst waiters at our wedding on Saturday ! Myself and Ashley couldn't stop laughing at all of the guests reactions as you started to serve them dinner, drink their water, be overfamiliar with them and generally cause them to wonder what the heck were the hotel doing employing two very inept scruffy waiters. We have had so many comments from guests who you served which are absolutely hilarious.
The hotel were apprehensive but they also did play along with it and hadn't told the waiting staff who we could see were shocked by your awful waiting style.
Overall it was a brilliant day and I am so glad that you could come and cause us to laugh so much with your mayhem you were absolutely first class.
Once again thanks so much for in the words of our wedding guests, the best wedding they had ever been to !

With every best wish

Ashley and Beulah

Ashley and Beulah

Hi Comedy Waiters

Just wanna say a big thank you for making our wedding that much better you two were bloody brilliant had everyone laughing and talking about you all night and still talking at breakfast!!! The guards caught a few people out they thought you were really haha but the waiters went down a storm even my mother thought you were funny!! Shame I couldnt say bye to you at the end but think you left before I could find you. I would def book you lot again if I ever had a big party again but I will recommend you to anyone top lads and bloody funny 10/10

Many thanks again

Duncan and Abby

Duncan and Abby
Comedy Waiters and Comedy Security Guards

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