Malcolm and the Manager

The alternative to Daryl and Dave the Aussie Waiters…Malcolm is fresh from not having worked for eighteen years and party guests will experience his hapless ‘first day’ under the supervision of his apologetic Manager. Expect service of a ‘different’ kind.

Tony Salt and Mike Pepper – ‘With Condiments’

Two professional comedy actors, in spoof costume performing what appears to be the role of a stage band. The duo take on the role supposedly of one half of a quartet. Due however to unfortunate circumstances (the other two are stuck in traffic) they are left to fend for themselves on stage. That is until they audition for replacements from members of the party audience to come on up and sing cover songs for them. This is no ordinary band. In fact this is no band at all! The ‘up for a laugh’ volunteers are unbeknown to them doing all the work. It’s an ‘alternative’ karaoke!

Keith Sparkle and Graham Allison

Keith and Graham are former 80’s Children TV presenters. They have fallen into the business of ‘exercise and motivation of people’. They work with a small ghetto blaster and a lot of enthusiasm, to uplift ‘yuppies’ at business conferences and seminars to ‘get in shape and lose the weight.’ They are a perfect group energiser and talking point. Keith and Graham have their very own game show, playing all your favourite games shows while you have dinner,(in between courses) including classics like Blankety Blank, Catchphase and Play Your Cards Right… this show is played out over the course of a meal and lasts upto 2hrs in total… perfect for sit down meals and corporates. The way that we play the games involves everyone in the room… Comedy Digital Paparazzi Take a look at the comedy photographers page  Contact us for more info and to book