Imagine a hidden camera show without the cameras… then you have got Ultimate Chaos… In a nutshell you are hiring two professional and experienced comedy actors to perform the characters of your choice (whether that’s the security guards, waiters or both, it is up to you. You are paying for the actors time not the characters). Comedy Waiters The Actors If you want both acts – The Security Guards will meet and greet your guests as they arrive, where all manner of subtle and odd going’s on occur, much to the bafflement of those around. With metal detectors, body planting and contradictions, it won’t be long before everyone is totally confused. All guests walk away wondering if they are real or not!!! Have a look at our packages page Once all guests have arrived and if food is on the menu, it is a quick change into the Comedy Waiters routine. The Aussie duo will cause endless cry’s of laughter with their ‘unique’ waiting style and demeanor. It is all great fun and a superb group energiser for any event. The key is to ensure that nobody, or only a minimal number of people know that we’re going to be there and that we’re only actors and not the real thing! Otherwise it will disrupt the comedy effect and surprise. Take a closer look of the areas that we cover Booking is easy via a phone call or email, we will send you a web link that only you and us can see, simply fill in all the spaces and hit submit, once we have this back from you we can place all the information that we need into a contract, then we send it to you to sign and return… the contract covers you and us, all nice and safe. Get in touch here