May 2013 11
It was a big day for head security man,  Norman Bush and his right hand man Allan Pocket, not only was it a drive into the centre of London, it was a posh venue and to add a little more it was Full of VIP’s and when I mean VIP’s we mean VIP’s…. Our first VIP was TV man Jeff Salmon he’s on Channel 4’s Four Rooms, he deals with old things (I’m talking older than Noel Edmonds) that’s really old, like chairs and stuff, any way it was his birthday he was 40 or something, we weren’t sure… any way we the Comedy Security Guards and Comedy Waiters, booked by Jeff for his party, so it’s time for Norman and Allan to do there stuff, well Allan was doing Normans head in with his new hobby… four hours into his new hobby of bird watching and Norman was ready to throw him out over the top floor of our venue… Comedy Waiters and Comedy Security Guards at the Club at the IVY London The IVY, The Club at The IVY is apparently  it’s quite posh, (Norman always says that you can tell how posh a venue is by the state of the bog!)  This was  a posh place…. the loo’s where lovely, as was the rest of the venue…. we even saw Michael from EastEnders playing the piano in the Piano Room… Its OK, we got a photo of us with Michael…  There where many laughs and unsure looks as Jeff’s guests arrived for the party, with a few bird facts thrown in from Allan and some unusual radio messages from Norman and just generally causing confusion it was time to change for a spot of serving food with the Comedy Waiters! posh food as well at this place, we where happy to say that we left the audience with big smiles and laughs all round Another brilliant night of comedy Entertainment for birthday parties from the Comedy Waiters and Comedy Security Guards from Ultimate Chaos