Sep 2012 15
It was a very busy day for the Ultimate Chaos Comedy Teams this weekend! Steveo Jones and young Leslie Driver where looking after a Party in Somerset! And Myself (Norman Bush – Head Security Man) and newbe Terry Spooner traveled to Essex for the wedding party of Jim and Carol… wow what a day… new recruits can be a hand full, but as many people know I have a very short fuse when it come to professionalityness in the work place… For a few short moments I did feel sorry for Terry as he got slowly more flustered with his work load in the car park, all he had to do was check peoples names off the list as they arrived… having told him  time and time again to him that people can shorten names but there are still the same person, just wasn’t sinking in…. god only knows how he managed 140 guests that day…. Robert and Rob are the same people it’s just that he’s shortened his name…. Rob (or Robert) just couldn’t believe what was going on… he was a little late arriving as well… and I had already giving him a talking down for being late before he got to Terry…. There was added confusion for Terry as Jim the Groom had booked a Del Boy lookalike (Steve Rooney) to help with the rings! Next on the list was the food, the comedy waiters helped with there service of the wedding breakfast… there was lots of photos been taken of the two very funny waiters!