Oct 2012 14
Norman and I (Steve Jones) were back in business at the 18th birthday meal for Sap in Osterley, Middlesex. It was being held at a very nice restaurant called Tiger Lily. A beautiful name and reminds me of a dog I once bet on at the races. Anyhoo that’s for another day (it finished 5th at Sunderland, I ended up buying it, it was my beloved friend for 3 years until Norm reversed over her and killed her outright with a Vauxhall Corsa he had on trial, that he brought round to show me while at my Mum’s house. For your information he never purchased the motor as he said he found the switches too fussy!). There were roughly 50 of the birthday girls friends and family there and therefore A1 Security Services had to yet again ensure that no riff raff gained entry. Private party, posh restaurant it would have been chaos if we hadn’t been there! Once we thought everyone had arrived we sloped off for a soft drink and some Hula Hoops. I’m more of a Skip man but they usually bring Norm out in a rash if there’s a stiff breeze. Maybe we should have hung back because upstairs we could hear a great commotion, so we decided to check out what was going on. We could see two comedy waiters working the room and causing a proper talking point and laugh out loud moments. The guests were even having their pictures taken with them, which was odd.