Nov 2007 24
We worked at a posh pub place in Rode, Brian and his new wife who booked us, had lots of guests including Tony Gardner the actor who’s best known for playing Michael in Jack Dee’s Lead Balloon on BBC3 and BBC2 and he is the Dad in My Parents are Aliens on ITV1. Tony Gardner & Comedy Waiters We had to serve food for the 80 guests, it was a bit weird because some of the men had dress’s on… that was a bit strange… but each to there own. The people where nice and enjoyed us messing around, Tony was kind enough to send us an email, here’s a bit of it… The Waiters were sublime – we have never enjoyed a Wedding Breakfast more. It was all perfectly pitched, beautifully played and very, very funny. The fact that some guests took longer than others to get the joke just heightened the comic effect. Even the kid’s table didn’t escape. When the shocked little girl walked up to her parents carrying the glass of “red wine” that the waiter had poured her – well, it doesn’t get much better than that, guys. Top work All the best, Tony Gardner” What a nice bloke….

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