Sep 2008 12
Three Brides Mothers in one wedding? A bride and groom wanted to wind up there family and friends. What better way then to do it with the comedy Security Guards! Norman Bush and Steve Jones arrived and this posh place The Lord Halden Hotel near Exeter (Devon) and saw that the band who were playing later on that evening where setting up the equipment, coming to and fro from their cars. This wouldn’t have been a problem but… And yes there’s a BUT… the place that they had decided to park their vehicles was wrong… Norman Bush (Head of Security) went right over to sort this issue, by taken all details of the offending vehicles. Because we (Steve Jones and Norman Bush) were looking the biz! We didn’t have to say a word and a swift move of a pen in the direction of the offender was enough, the car was moved post haste! The reason that we where there was that there are always people trying to gatecrash a wedding… I know… You’re saying really… yes really it happens! All the time… A lady with an overpowering blue feathered hat approached the Security Check Point area, and once stopped for a check she bleated that “I’m the mother of the Bride”…. “You’re the third one tonight”, Norman replied… “You’ll have to wait here while I check with the bird in the white dress”… “That’s my daughter” the lady answered, “Good” Norman said “then she’ll know who you are!” “You just can’t be to careful these days” Steve said to the apprehended lady, “just think how you would feel if that was your daughter, and some one said they were her mother and wasn’t” the lady replied “but she is my daughter!” After the bride had been found by Norman and the situation had been explained and she had contained her laughter, she followed Norman to the door to confirm that this lady was in fact her mother! “You can’t blame us” Norman reassuringly said to the brides mother, “there people out there that will pretend to be someone that there not!” This is just one small part of what happen that night.

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