Feb 2009 15
A small wedding, in Cannock for Rachel and Richard. A great wedding in a lovely venue with lovely people, Rachel and Richard were the only ones who knew about Ultimate Chaos performing as the Comedy Security Guards and the Comedy Waiters! The venue for the wedding was the Oak Farm Hotel in Cannock, this was an impressive place to have a wedding, the big electric gates with an intercom was the first thing that the guest saw when they arrived in their cars, a quick buzz and they where talking to Norman Bush and Steve Jones from A1 security also known as the comedy security guards from Ultimate Chaos, the guest where asked a series of unrelated questions before we opened the gates, one of the guest picked a really windy time to turn up, (wink) this was a perfect time to wind-up the relative who was filming the whole wedding, after telling Norman had miss heard the man saying that he had a camera to film the wedding, the man slightly frustrated with the intercom, thinking that Norman had heard “that he had the cake” he started to shout at the intercom! Very funny! Technology huh! The guest turn up in there droves, parking anywhere they wanted! This is where Steve Jones stepped in to re-park the cars! Causing even more Chaos!!! Not only where the guests wound up, the photographer had the ladies releasing the Doves (Norman still insists they were ducks) and the registrars also were subjected chaos treatment! After the Civil Ceremony, it was time for the food, this is where Ultimate Chaos’s Comedy Waiters step in, Dave and Daryl start to serve the food and the guests heads started to turn, a lot of the guest are still unaware that these guys are fake, and then after more antics and strange behaviour the penny starts to drop that something, just is quite right and the fact that their hosts have set them up good and proper… finally the realisation that the Security on arrive was part of it as well. This put every one in a great mood ready for the evening’s entertainment and celebrations. Another good job from the Spoof Comedy Waiters and Comedy Security Guards from Ultimate Chaos…

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