Jan 2009 31
The nice people at Public Sector Consultants want their 9th Business Anniversary to start with a laugh, and to wind there friends, clients and business associates up… What better way to do it than with Ultimate Chaos Comedy Security Guards who greeted the guests on arrival to the posh Marriott St Pierre Hotel in Wales. There is always a few guest who think its funny to change there names on arrival, Norman Bush takes care of the Guest List for the event (he’s better at reading then myself, it’s my eyes you see, war wound both are made of glass) well he’s not got the best sense of humour when it comes to joke names well he is at work and security is an important job… he spent an age looking for two guests on the list, a Mr Richard Head, and  Mr J Bond, after this was explained to him that these people where not really who they said they were a close eye was kept on them all night! I bet they felt silly after that giving the wrong names! What the point it just holds people in the cue behind up, after the security checks the guests where lead to the photographer who took photos with a camera… The Ultimate Chaos Comedy waiters later helped to serve the food to some bemused guest who still had no idea of what was taking place, The evening continued with entertainment supplied by “Spanner in the Works” who did a Band and a disco the Spanner Band was very good and the same was said for the disco that followed… all in all another great night of comedy entertainment by Ultimate Chaos Comedy Waiters and Comedy Security Guards Meet and Greet .

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