Jun 2007 09
This was a sunny and hot evening. The Courtyard of Crownhill Fort was sun drenched and the female Mitie employees and guests were hot! With my aviator sunglasses on, I looked like the actor that was in that film Hot Fuzz. Well, maybe not the actor himself, but the charactor of the actor in the shades when it was also hot and sunny in the film. These were not my words I have to add, but the words of a baffled gentlemen when face to face with the Chaos clipboard guestlist tick list. (I’m blaming Norman for not fixing a long enough wire on the board for the biro to reach the bottom of the list.) Myself and Head of Security Norman, got the estimated 160 guests into the function without any problems, well not from where we were standing! We cannot afford to take any chances – not with security. Some people ask us, ‘Are your security checks really that important?’. Our answer? ‘Yes.’. We were both glad once the last guest with the dress had headed towards the marquee (it’s a large tent to me). I’m sure I lost half a stone once the evening was out, due to the heat. Even Norm wasn’t the same person he had been before the evening had commenced. I had never before known what the heat could do to someone’s tash!

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