Sep 2007 29
Norman and myself were hired to be the secure presence at a Staff party for 54 guests of Solicitors. It was a rainy evening and when they all started to arrive and were greeted by us at the door the ladies were wet and so too the gents. It was meant to be 54 guests in total, I can’t be sure, although come the end I can’t put my finger on how many were in there. I lost count at four and had to go around and count everyone back in! The list of the guests that Norm had on his clipboard didn’t help. When the biro didn’t work and his pen attached to the pad didn’t reach the bottom of the page, We were at sixes and sevens! I was confused and my confusion confused the already confused guests! I think they were baffled as to why they were all lined up on their arrival at the entrance and firstly asked for their tickets (We discovered later that they were not actually given any tickets) and then having to pass through our ‘highly sensitive’ metal detector. We had to at one point insist that one particular lady take off her posh shiny silver shoes and then walk through with them over her head. This may have been funny for others to laugh and mock her, but if someone does happen to bring a large and sharp metal object (i.e. a fork) to a party or wherever, they would not be laughing then would they?! The nice young lady understood, as does A1 Security Services. That security is the name of the game.

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