Jun 2012 16
We traveled up to a very posh wedding for Jessie and Samuel… WOW this was posh, they even had a man dressed in red clothes shouting called Johnathan MC…. Today’s Security Team (The Comedy Security Guards) was Norman Bush and Leslie Driver, you are probably¬† wondering where Steve Jones (Steveo to his friends) well this was quickly explained to all that asked, that he was no holiday in Wales with his mother(who he still lives with) The weather was very good but I must admit a little windy for Normans Paperwork… thus being blown all over the place when Norman was directing cars to the car park… it was nice for people to stop and get out and help Norman with the collecting of said paper work… The food looked very nice that the Comedy Waiters had to deliver to the tables… there was plenty of laughs and photos being taken… Take a look at the Face Book photo page below… http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151831929860387.870606.15864585386&type=3