Sep 2012 15
A1 Security Services had a lot of work on Saturday. In fact we were overstretched. With Norman out and about making the county of Essex secure with a new recruit, it was left up to young Lesley Driver (not that young so as he can’t grow facial hair!) and myself to ensure that the joint 65th birthday party and wedding anniversary of Peter and Jan went off without a hitch. It was in a lovely boozer in the sticks of Somerset and all party guests had their names taken and were thoroughly ‘security checked over’. You see as the Landlord Derek was having to tell his regulars who enquired why their happened to be two security guards outside the function room ‘it may kick off tonight with this lot!’ – you can’t be too careful. All did pass off peacefully and every one of the guests, very old and younger, were lovely. They had to be, as the Waiters that followed were in the mood for some buffet chaos. We do it all!

Comedy Waiters in Mark (Somerset) for Jan and Peters Party!