Nov 2009 11
We where asked to perform at this Online Advertising Conference the Theme was fitness and wellbeing,¬†there was a load of big companies who where there all talking about internet advertising, big brand names like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and BBC, ITV and every big name that you can think of and Stephen Fry as a guest speaker¬† We started off as some new Characters for this event Keith Sparkle and Graham, Keith Sparkle is a failed Childrens TV entertainer and now keep fit Guru! and Graham who was just roped in and can’t be arsed to be there. After dinner and all the fitness we changed into the Comedy Security Guards and got the people back to the room where they where supposed to be… A quick tea break and then it was Stephen Fry’s turn to talk, he looked a little worried as we all waited in the stage door, it’s not often that this man is lost for words… Another quick change and it was time for the comedy waiters to help with the aftershow party! What a treat for them…

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