Jan 2009 10
A Posh Bungalow in Manchester’s posh area is the last place that you would expect to have a 25 year wedding anniversary, but this is where Michael and Maralyn was having theirs, with a top class list of VIP guests there was every need for an A1 Security Service from Ultimate Chaos… Norman  and I had a badly written guestlist and the task of making sure that the party was safe, every body in was searched and checked and asked a number of questions, after a debriefing and a lecture about bringing the invitations, which a few of them did not remember, even when it had been printed on the invitation to bring them…. (Oh that make me mad! can’t people read?) Well after a few fussy people, well mainly one… Maralyn’s brother.. who didn’t believe that we were real! but after a pulling to one side and a brief 45 min chat on the importance of security all was well… Then it was the turn for the Comedy Waiters to help serve the food, the food was carried by Dave and his brother and offered to the Guests who will still unsure of what was going on, the confused looks on people faces was priceless…

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