Sep 2009 12
When you got a Party at your own house you need a bit of Security, the party was for a joint kinda of “we have finished building” and “we are both having a birthday some time this year kind of party may be type thing” I think it was a get together of friends and family, which I think is a good place to start… We arrived in Character as the Security Guards as we knew that there would be guest there already, after a setting up of the metal detector and then it was a quick patrol of the venue (home) well in the kitchen we found two persons lurking around, after a quick briefing and questioning these people turned out to be the in-laws of the people who book us… The guests arrived and where happy to go through security cheque point, at this stage people where still unaware of the reality of to what was going on… The neighbours who were not invited decided to call the police and tell them that there was two Security guards acting suspiciously out side a house, Yep that was us…  the police arrived and after a quick conversation to what we where doing the sergeant took our card and thought that this was a great idea for a party… Imagesee picture of us with a police man…. After a quick change we are ready to go with the Comedy waiters Serving food on trays to the guests, fun was had by all…

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