Jan 2008 05
We were hired for a belated Christmas Party for some kind of computer company in a posh hotel in Bournemouth. I thought it was a bit weird to celebrate Crimbo after it’s time, but the guests were determined to enjoy themselves none the less. Myself and Norman took up our normal duties of standing by the main entrance to the venue of the party and beside our trusty metal detector. If we had been given 5p every time we were asked why we felt our presence was required for this party, Norman and I would have had enough money to have shared a regular sized mars bar on the way home. Our non-existence at a party of this nature does not bare thinking about and would certainly not have been the same! Before any of the party-goers were allowed to take to their tables, I had to ensure that their safety would be paramount. Therefore whilst Norm kept visual on the crowd, I used the one million candle power touch to check under the meal tables. It was not a wasted exercise. I found on the floor one small potato (obviously used as some kind of weapon of distraction from a previous event in the hotel). I made it clear to the guests that it could have all ended in tears if I had not come across the spud and someone had fallen over and then the person being accused of being too drunk when it may not have been the case. I think you get my drift? Our OTT approach may seem exactly that. However I have a new motto of which I used on the evening and will continue to do so in the future. ‘Be careful’.

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