Jul 2011 02
Myself and HOS (Head of Security) Norman Bush travel far and wide to ensure that every party or occasion we’re at goes off smoothly and the venue is nice and secure. Saturday at a big and posh house in York was no exception to that rule.
We were there to ensure that all party guests were actually guests. You’d be surprised the lengths that some people will go to. A couple of teenagers claimed they lived at the property and were the parents of Mr & Mrs Broadbent, the hosts. Norman took some convincing, but they were allowed in through the electric gates that were were responsible for…eventually.
The Garden party had all sorts going on, with a Bouncy Castle, Free Bar, Disco, Band, posh outside loos and a BBQ. However I don’t know where they got the Waiters from!! They were look a bit strange. One had a neck brace and the other an arm sling on! ¬†All the guest we’re having a great time in the sunshine.

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