Sep 2008 29
Comedy Waiters in Posh Hotel London for sales conference. Aveda, also known as Estee Lauder had a conference at the posh hotel “The Dorchester” in London. What a place is was well smart in there, but me and my brother fitted in well as waiters, I think when the lady booked us she wanted a better class of waiter! That’s why she got us, well there was loads of people there for this sales conference about “better service” and we helped with the start of it, we served tea and coffee, it amazes me how many people ask for black coffee then give me and my brother funny looks when we ask if they want milk in there black coffee, people are strange! Well I think we confused enough people there that morning, at least they went into the conference with a smile on there face even if they didn’t leave with one! Another good job from the Ultimate Chaos Comedy Waiters.

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