Sep 2010 11
As you all should know by now, this job take us all over the UK and we get to meet interesting and lovely people to boot. Lovely people need security for their parties too! Norman Bush (Head of Security) and myself were in the Northern Borough of Stockport somewhere near Manchester I’m told. We had been hired to provide a secure entrance for all eight dinner guests into the property of the hosts with the most Dawn and Derek – a lovely couple. The guests were a little confused I must admit that there seemed to be a need for security at what they were told by the hosts was a low-key social evening.  You can’t argue with local council regulations though? You need Security Guards at any party with people invited. Well, in Stockport you do! With all guests safely into the building, A1 Security Services (that’s me and Norm) job was complete. The dinner party took another twist for the guests shortly after though. Two loud Aussie waiters were on hand to help serve the food and drink in the dining room. They were very good in an odd way and lots and lots of laughter could be heard outside…if only the windows had been open!

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