Oct 2007 05
With Christmas being what it is, A1 Security Services will ensure that any festive event that you are going to is safe and secure. We are proud of our security record at all events we attend. I would even bet fifty pence that if the actual Santa turned up and was carrying any sharp metal objects or a mobile phone, even he would have to go through our security procedures. We wouldn’t care who he was or whether he has got a large sack or not! I have said to Norman and he agrees. Security is not just for Weddings, Birthday Parties and other posh events. It’s for Christmas too! Head of Security Norman and myself were hired for the Christmas Party at The Highfield Country Hotel in Oxford. Every one of the guests invited were in an early festive mood. There did seem to be a problem at first with nobody being able to get into the venue, due to our metal detector being at it’s most overly sensitive that I can ever remember. However, after a short wait and a minor security investigation, it appeared that our highly expensive detector (it looks a bit like the one’s you see at the front of Curry’s) was being set off by the tinsel that guests had covered themselves with. We instructed all guests that the only option were to take their shiny decorations off and hold them high above their heads until they had passed the barrier. They may have all felt stupid doing it, but we are in the business to ensure that any party poopers (i.e. people with guns, knives, forks etc) do not make the venue a non-secure one. All guests enjoyed their Christmas ‘Do’, but I am sure they enjoyed it even more after knowing that they had a full security check on arrival. As one lady said to me that evening ‘I am glad you two guys are here tonight because security is a gift I would not do without at a Christmas party.’ I shook her hand.

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