Aug 2010 21
Norman Bush and myself (Steve Jones) get asked to be present at varying events/parties/weddings etc up and down the U.K and our security procedures and professionalism remain a talking point during and a long time after. We were in Essex for Kelly’s 40th Birthday party at her family home (all very posh with swimming pool and lots of land). It was so posh that Al Security Services (Me and Norm), were asked to control the car park (it was one of the fields) and then ensure that all guests were directed through the electric gate and into the grounds towards the party.. I think the guests were a little confused when Norman directed their cars all over the field and into large spaces nowhere near any other car (it was a big field), with delays occurring due to the paper in his clipboard coming loose and scattering all over. It was car park chaos! My main responsibility was to get the guests into the party. I was provided with the remote control key for the gate given to me by Mike (Kelly’s Husband). However I’m sure the thing was on the blink as it was hard to get the gate open most of the time. Once all guests showed up and got past our checks, our job was done and the party got into full swing. In hindsight we should have stayed more observant as I heard that at the party and during the serving of canapes tow loud Aussie waiters were causing a right stir with their antics!

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