Dec 2008 16
Ultimate Chaos provided Comedy Security Guards to the Carphone Warehouse’s Christmas Party, WOW what a party in one of the best nite clubs in London… Amika nightclub, located at Kensington High Street, a playground for the rich and famous, that’s why the Boys (Norman Bush and Steveo Jones) where there… making sure that there was no problems and fitting in well the party went with a swing, Blackberry  had put logos everywhere also known as branding… the guests from  “Carhouse Phoneware” where a little puzzled that there was so much security! It was funny watching all these high flyers in the world of phones looking so confused and once the joke had been realised that their head person had set them up, they continued to laugh at other people doing what they had done early… Funny old world! Another great fun fill gig from Ultimate Chaos.

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