Jan 2012 26
Norman and I were hired to be the secure presence for the staff of a Garden Centre who must have been really busy over the festive period that they didn’t have time to eat and get merry! Therefore they were ‘celebrating’ down at Jethro’s Club in the heart of the Devon countryside. I was on the main door with the metal detectors and clipboard to tick names off and Norman was out in the car park trying to direct traffic and  with his clipboard writing names down. A bit excessive you may think to double check names, but with a private party in a public house and restaurant you can’t be too careful. Once all guests had passed through all our security measures, it was time to pack up and go elsewhere. After we had finished being security, I heard that these two Aussie waiters were also there causing quite a scene in the restaurant and laughter could be heard throughout the whole building. They must have been doing something right, or wrong (whichever way you want to look at it), because the big man himself, Jethro was in disbelief and hysterics overseeing all the goings on.