Oct 2010 01
On Friday evening HOS (Head of Security) Norman Bush and myself SM (Security Man) Steve Jones, found ourselves in a rather posh hotel complex somewhere near Reading in Berkshire, called Wokefield Park. We were there to ensure that the two hundred smartly dressed IT people from Accenture UK, who were there to celebrate something to do with ending a contract, could do so with the piece of mind that security was tight (never mind it may have appeared OTT to them) and their safety was of course paramount. No guns, knives, metal objects etc. Rain or shine and it was particularly wet outside I have to add on this occasion, A1 Security Services (that’s me and Norm) have to maintain the running of a tight ship. Therefore the body scanner was in full force and all tickets needed to be checked. If guests didn’t have their tickets I needed to ask for their name and then write it down. As I say – a tight ship! With it being a wet and windy evening there was a higher number of guests than we anticipated who were attempting to park in the DPA (ok, Designated Parking Area) therefore they needed to be moved or a yellow parking ticket may well have had to be issued. I think we became quite a talking point before, during and after this corporate event.

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