Mar 2008 29
Birthday Parties can sometimes be a bit of a hazard. Okay, this joint party for Mark and Caroline was a potential hazard from start and probably until the finish, long after A1 Security Services (that’ll be me and Norm then) had vacated the Village Hall in East Budleigh….. The hazards were the wet and windy weather, causing some party balloon’s to sway around like the Humber Bridge at the main entrance where the metal detectors were! The bad weather may have contributed to the toilet lights going out whenever there was a person in need looking to relieve. That was the reason we were giving for it anyway! Who puts the switch outside? The 120 guests made their own way to the party venue. Some decided to drive their cars. Norm was on car park duty and ensured that every car was parked in a neat (some would say blocked in) manner.

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