Oct 2008 25
Roger and Rachel had seen us working somewhere else before… liking what they saw (who could blame them) decided to book the comedy security guards and the comedy waiters. Starting the evening with restricted access into the room was Norman Bush’s idea, the invitations clearly stated that the event started at 18:30 hrs and not a moment before. (Well not even a second…) People arrived in couples and sometimes there were three of them! And went through the normal security process, you would be surprised to what people bring out with them for a fairly sophisticated do. The amount of people that don’t know that shoes could conceal a weapon and that most plastic shoes contain high traces of metal, always amazes Norman and Steve but never surprises them! There were a high number of guests that either forgot the invitations or couldn’t be bothered to bring them, but after a brief talking to by Norman on the facts that these where very important and that the hosts of the event had gone to the trouble of making, writing and sending them, after they were given time to reflect this they went though the normal security process. Steve Jones agrees with Norman Bush that this small talking to will make them think twice next time they are at a similar party or event…

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