Sep 2010 25
We were hired to provide security for a 50th Birthday party out in the sticks near Newquay in Cornwall. The party was hosted by Selina and the birthday boy himself Geoff. They informed us that their son may have posted the party on Facebook, therefore our presence was essential. The guests were all informed of this and some even asked whether they had Facebook accounts. You can’t be too careful you see! Norman and myself were on car park duty, ensuring that all cars were parked…somewhere. Not anywhere near to the badger set I thought I’d seen though. Or was it a fox? One guest even popped down from London in his helicopter and landed in the field. We weren’t sure if helicopters were allowed, so we gave him a parking ticket just in case. After our disappearance the party got well and truly into full swing, with some great entertainment – comedy waiters helping to serve the food and drink around the tables and provide another talking point for the partygoers to…talk about.

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