Oct 2011 22
A1 Security Services (that’s Norman and Myself to you) were hired to be the eyes, ears and stuff like that for security for a man called Chris and his party for with friends at a right posh hotel or castle (it looked like a castle and had flags!). It was very posh! They had butlers!! We ensured that all party guests were thoroughly security checked with our as ever highly competent equipment. There was also the ‘unusual’ issue of the red carpet having not been laid our correctly in the entrance hall. This we decided had to be closed off due to our own Health and Safety regulations, as there were far too many ruffles in it for our liking and this could have become dangerous. Therefore all guests on arrival were informed that they had to walk to the side of the carpet not on it. The two signs that we displayed on the carpet also made this clear to all, ‘Out Of Order’. It looked like a great party, as after all the guests had arrived our job was done. Then a couple of dodgy looking waiters showed up and started dishing out nibbles off of trays in some alternative ways. Everyone seemed to be having fun and laughing!

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