Oct 2009 03
There‚Äôs nothing like a good party, or in fact birthday party, or even a 40th birthday party, a surprise party, this is what Julie had done for her hubby… after loads of phone calls to organise and sort final details the Ultimate Chaos Comedy Security Guards and Comedy waiters where on there way to Kendal. The Brewery Arts Centre was teh venue and a nice venue at that. Head of Security was first to arrive and look over the venue… after picking the best place to be, Norman Bush sets up the metal detector in the entrance to the private room for the party. Guests start to arrive and names are quickly picked of the list, the face that all people are in fancy dress make the job a little difficult, but after all the guest arrive the birthday boy makes an entrance to his party. After a quick change the Comedy Waiters are ready to serve the buffet, wow what a night, every body enjoys them selves and a good time was had by all…

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