Nov 2011 12
It was a treat for Norman and I to head to London and ensure that the party and birthday loving people of Waterloo had a proper and secure entrance into the building. We were so near to Waterloo Station under the Arches we may as well have been working on Platform 8!! We were hired for Stephen’s 30th Birthday, although he didn’t know that any security was going to be there. His family thought it was best that as this one a private party in a busy part of town, they needed A1 Security Services in attendance to ensure that all guests arrived armed….with presents for the birthday boy. All 150 of them! Beautiful people having a good time…once they managed to get inside! At first they may have thought we were a bit on the OTT side and not really sure what we were doing. But once we explained that we were highly trained Security people which letters after our names (Norms got more than me!) they soon saw our worth and that of our high-tech metal detectors beeping so loud they were heard over the DJ system. I can’t state this enough;You can’t mess about with Security. Any event needs us, although we can’t be everywhere! We certainly turned out to be a group energiser it has to be said. With all guests looking suitable and smartly dressed and the party in full swing, it was time to leave the revellers to revel…so to speak. Norman and I then went home (we don’t live together though). He dropped me off and then drove away and went to his house. That’s what he told me!

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