Apr 2009 19
Theres one place that every body knows and that the O2 Arena in London, what a big place and with just two Comedy Security Guards to look over it all and two Comedy Waiters for the food… ImageJames birthday was a big surpise for not just James but every one, on arrival the guests were greeted by Norman Bush and Steve Jones, it’s all aways shocks me what people will bring to a birthday party, like a big holiday suit case, why oh why do there need it?, it’s not as if they are staying over night is it?, but this is just one more thing for them to lift over the security scanners…. and you think that a big bag is the strangest thing that we have seen, then your wrong…. very wrong… Norman and Steve’s top tip for party goers is….. PACK LIGHT….. (not bulbs) after the guest where seltled in, it was time for food, who better to serve the food then Daryl and Dave, here’s a few pictures from the event. got to say thank to the Photographer fromwww.countrywidephotographic.co.uk¬†for the photos….

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